What is it that attracts our clients to purchase over-the- counter home care? 80% of clients don’t buy product from a salon or spa – so they are running to get product somewhere? Learn what the big OTC retailers are doing?

* Look at product selection – what are their choices?
* Study websites and marketing strategies
* Learn how to educate a client using OTC products

In-Salon / Webinar Education 

The 4 moments of “INSANITY” of a technician

All of these situations have taken place one time or another in a technician’s career and they stop us from reaching our goals and properly servicing our clientele

Upselling a service
Uncovering a need
The proper way to describe a service
Recommending retail
The client is WAITING for you to educate them
The What, WHY, and How Process
Reboking Strategies
Rebooking strengthens professionalism
Effective Rebooking Strategies

Asking for a Referral
Shave down the external marketing budget BIG TIME         
​Referred clients are the ones you want!



Front Desk - Your Front Line

Turn your front desk into a profit center!  Pick up new tips and techniques for training and managing this critical employee resource.  Lavish some effort and attention on this overlooked area, and watch your bottom line grow

Increase retention
Script for consistency
Track advertising efforts
Up sell on every ticket
Retail with results

Business coaching for salons and day spas


Building Value in the Guest Experience

Are you struggling with client retention with getting clients back in the books on a regular basis or just not making the money you were a year ago – this class is for you!

Increase retention with exceptional customer service
The value of the service must exceed the price
Simple, easy tips for “WOWWING” the guest
Building value in the shampoo experience, the rebooking and retailing process, and adding the extras they are looking for –learn some new tactics to make it happen


Just can’t seem to get your team meetings to make any sense?
Lisa will help you set up this crucial part of running a successful business.

Strategies for scheduling

Creating Agendas that work

Sample outlines for 6 successful meetings  -leave with materials ready to go

Ideas to keep them wanting more!

Owner  / Manager Education


setting up budgets – how to segment
new vs. existing salons and spas
socal media ideas
email marketing /the do's and don'ts

it is a measurement of true quality customer service
how to measure? and decipher the numbers?
we will look at a sample report
what systems and actions affect retention?

an easy way to implement a new hire training program
table of contents
the welcome and the bonding
looking at average service tickets, retail sales,
goal setting for individuals and departments/teams
the performance review

organizing and executing
how to budget for the second largest expense
what numbers to look at? and what they mean?
retail sales and the effect to grow the bottom line
an appropriate continuing education budget
what is tiered pricing all about?
hourly vs. commission


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